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Google's new messaging app, name Allo, could potentially be released within the coming week to the public.

Earlier in the year, Google announced two new communication applications set to be arriving before the end of summer, named Allo and Duo. With Duo having been released just over a month ago, it is very surprising that we still are yet to know anything about Allo's release.

In short, Allo is the twin messaging app for Duo and is set to have a huge impact on the Android messaging community, with features such as end-to-end encryption, AI-powered response automation and even a Google voice assistant. The whole idea behind it is to make a secure but easy-to-use messaging app to connect all devices whilst allowing for additions such as map locations, search results, stickers and even formatting options to make the app seem more personal. With this also comes an AI-powered response learning software and a Google voice activated input, to learn the most common responses the user sends and automatically send them for him/her. This should result in a lot less typing being necessary for the user when replying to commonly asked questions or image attachments.

If Allo is as successful as Duo, we should see wide usage within a month of its release, but that release date still remains a mystery. If Google wish to stick to their deadline of "late Summer", the public Allo release will have to be before the end of this week.

Last modified on Tuesday, 28 March 2017
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