The Galaxy S8’s official reveal date has been announced accompanied with several new rumours.

Release Date (Update 27/02/2017)

The first of the ‘Galaxy S’ series was released in June 2010. Since then, as the years have gone by, the release date has moved slightly towards the front-end of the year. Samsung's new S8 flagship is expected to be released in April, possibly the 21st, along with its counterpart the S8+, following the Samsung Unpacked event happening on 29th March in New York which was announced at MWC 2017. The release is expected to be global so all markets should get the device upon launch.

Operating System

With Android Nougat released towards the tail end of last year, we should really be expecting it to appear on the S8 when it is launched. Whether we'll get the latest version of 7.0 remains to be seen but potential purchasers would likely be put off if the device was launched with Marshmallow.

Design (Update 14/02/2017)

As we are nearing closer to the release of Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the smartphone’s colour options have been rumoured online. Since the Galaxy S3, released in 2012, Samsung have always offered their ‘S’ series devices in at least three colours; white, silver and black. The S8 is rumoured to come with a wider variety of options to attract more customers including an iPhone-like jet black, gold and rose gold, blue coral and – perhaps most interestingly – purple.

Newly leaked photos of the S8 debunk previous rumours of the device ditching the headphone jack. The bottom of the phone will feature the standard headphone jack, USB-C connector and speaker.

Screen and Cameras (Update 23/02/2017)

There have been rumours that the Galaxy S8 will feature 4K resolution for the first time on a 5.5-inch screen. A bigger screen is unexpected as the Galaxy phones have generally stuck to a 5.1-inch screen in the past. A 4K resolution would be welcome, however Samsung will have to make sure the phone’s battery life can still be sustained with such a big resolution. If there are to be two S8 devices both of them are thought to have a Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display.

Some reports are suggesting that there will be two S8 models, both with Samsung’s ‘edge’ display. The smartphone manufacturer might make the phone(s) bezel-less, and the home button could be one of the casualties. It is believed one model will be 5.7 inches, while the other will be 6.2 inches, in a bid to win back Galaxy Note 7 customers.


The Galaxy phones are well known their impressive cameras. Surprisingly, Galaxy S7’s camera lost 4MP (total of 12MP), compared to its predecessor. However, with the introduction of ‘dual pixel’ technology, the camera was actually improved. The Galaxy S8 is very much expected to retain this feature as well an introduction of dual-lens technology.

Specification and Features (Update 16/03/2017)

The most recent rumours suggest that the new Galaxy S phone, could have the most powerful processor yet – Exynos 8895. The processor will reportedly be more powerful than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 and Apple’s A10, both of which are still unannounced. The Exynos 8895 will allegedly be clocked at 4GHz, and reports are suggesting the processor is performing roughly 27% faster than it's predecessor. It is also reported that the processor consumes 40% less power both on load and idling, yet will offer much faster speeds on networks that support Gigabit LTE.

Samsung have also started mass production of their new 10nm chips, meaning it is almost certain that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will come with a 10nm SoC. These new chips are deemed to be 40% less power consuming and will give a 27% improvement in performance, when compared to the older 14nm chips.

There will be at least 4GB of RAM, however there were rumours that Samsung will upgrade to 6GB.

The Galaxy S7 was rumoured to include a USB-C port. With that not materialising, the Galaxy S8 is now, allegedly, going to upgrade from micro-USB to USB-C. To the disappointment of a lot of fans, the Galaxy S8 is still expected to have a non-removable battery. At the moment a 3000mAh battery would be the expected size, however if Samsung are serious about introducing 4K technology, they may have to notch the battery up some more. The source of the battery is currently unknown with reports suggesting Samsung might use another manufacturer's battery, such as an LG battery.

Samsung have confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will have a new virtual assistant named Bixby, after rumours surfaced suggesting that the company was not happy with the capabilities of S Voice and hired a team, which supposedly worked on Apple’s Siri, to create a brand new virtual assistant. 

Further potential S8 features include a waterproof case, wireless earphones, an iris scanner, an IP68 certification and microSD card support. The S8 could feature PC-like functionality allowing for people to connect the phone to a monitor and use it as a portable PC and may let users search by using images.


The phone is rumoured to be priced in the region of £600/$800/€700.

Samsung will be hoping the S8 makes up for the explosive (not a positive adjective in this case) Note 7 debacle, but Apple will be looking to take advantage too with its iPhone 8.

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