(Update) The HTC U, previously HTC 11, will arrive in May.

Release Date (Updated 20/04/2017)

HTC have announced that the upcoming flagship will be revealed on May 16th.

Operating System (Updated: 06/02/2017)

The HTC 11 is mostly likely to come with Android OS v7.0. (Nougat) pre-installed, with a future update to Android O.

Leaks have shown a prototype of the device running Android 7.1.2 (a version that has only just been released to Android Nougat devices this past week) with a HTC's (as of yet) uncovered HTC Sense 9.0 UI. If this device is to be one of HTC's flagship devices for 2017, then the brand new OS and UI makes sense, as HTC would no doubt want to release the device on the latest possible software.


After a big revamp in the HTC 10, the new smartphone is not expected to have any major design changes. Nevertheless, there is still a long time to go until the phone’s possible release and more than enough time for changes to take place.

Screen and Cameras

HTC improved the resolution to 1440 x 2560 in their flagship HTC 10 and so further improvements are not expected to the display. The screen is also likely to stay at 5.2 inches. The HTC 11 will have, at least, a 12MP camera that utilises OIS and UltraPixel technology, and well as an improved 8MP front shooter.

Specification and Features (Updated: 21/04/2017)

The HTC U has just been shown off by HTC on twitter in this video. It shows the new "squeezable" technology HTC are bringing to the HTC U, allowing for users to carry out certain actions on the device by squeezing the sides of the device. This appears to be the first device of its type and may bring some new interaction interfaces to smartphones and applications.

The HTC 11 can be expected to utilise a top processor – most likely to be the Snapdragon 830 (which may be an octa-core chip). At least 4GB of RAM should be expected, however that may be increase to 5GB or even 6GB. The phone is reported to come in two storage space variants, 32GB and 64GB, as well as a microSD slot which allows for up to 256GB more. The battery is not expected to improve and the HTC 11 will reportedly be powered by the same 3000mAh battery that its predecessor used.

Many sources are reporting that the HTC 11 may have a better specification than previously expected. After last year’s slightly disappointing HTC 10, the company is believed to be upping their efforts to create the best handset of 2017. Said handset, will allegedly feature 8GB of RAM, a monster 3700mAh battery, and a huge 256GB of in-built storage. As great as that sounds, those details should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The Snapdragon 835 processor is now confirmed to be on one of HTC's flagship devices for 2017, and since the HTC U Ultra has already launched, it is very likely that the 835 will be the powerhouse behind the upcoming HTC 11.


By looking the HTC 10’s pricing, the new flagship phone can approximately cost $700/£550/€600.

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(article originally written 31/08/2016, latest update 20/04/2017)

Last modified on Friday, 21 April 2017
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