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(Update) Samsung may be releasing a smartphone based on the Tizen OS later this year.

(Update 12/05/2017): Samsung have officially released the Z4 and it is expected to be rolling out imminently. As anticipated, the device comes with the Tizen 3.0 OS and becomes the fourth Samsung device to do so. Unfortunately, the specifications of the device still but it a bit behind what we anticipated, featuring a 4.5" 480 x 800p display, a Quad-Core processor, 8GB storage, 1GB RAM and two 5MP cameras on from and back, capable of only 720p at 30fps. It looks as though the phone has been heavily targeted towards low-cost consumer devices as the specifications clearly show, but it is a shame to see a lesser progression on the Tizen OS that Samsung has been working on. As of yet, no pricing has been announced, but we can predict it to be around a similar price as the Samsung J2.

Reports have emerged that Samsung could potentially be releasing a device labelled the Z4 later this year, putting it along side the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3, all of which had shipped with Tizen OS software. This comes after a leak of the name "Samsung SM-Z400F/DS" appeared on the internet.

Release date:

If the leak is true, we could expect to see the Z4 sometime in Q2 of 2017.

Operating System:

As mentioned above, the device would be running a version of Samsung's Tizen OS, most likely Tizen 4.0.


As there is so little information on the device, we can only assume what the device will be like. Most likely included on the device will be the all important fingerprint scanner, perhaps adapted to make the most of the Tizen OS too. As for everything else, well we can only assume the device has everything a usual handset would; power button, volume buttons, headphone jack (maybe), etc etc.

Screen and Camera(s):

Based on the sizing of the Z1, Z2 and Z3, we can probably presume the Z4 will feature between a 5" and 5.5" display, most likely either 720p or 1080p. The cameras will also possibly fall between the 12MP and 16MP for the rear and 5MP and 8MP for the front. 

Specifications and Features:

It can only be presumed that Samsung would stick to the Spreadtrum processor they used on the last Z model, perhaps we may get the upgrade to the Octa-Core model this time though. 2GB RAM or more is very likely, as is a 16GB internal storage model of the device.


If the device does get the go ahead, there's no knowing what price-point Samsung would aim the device. If they wished to make the most of the Tizen OS, we may see higher pricing than previously seen with the Samsung Z range.

Last modified on Friday, 12 May 2017
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