(Update) Samsung Pay now supports PayPal too.

(Update 18/07/2017): After Apple's partnership, Samsung is now working with PayPal too. Samsung's collaboration with the online payments company allows users to use PayPal within Samsung Pay wherever it is accepted. This includes purchases in-store, online, and in applications. Currently, access to PayPal for Samsung Pay users is available in the United States only; however, more countries will be added soon.

PayPal users can now link their accounts with their iTunes ID and use their PayPal balance to pay for applications on the iOS App Store. This small update comes after a surprising partnership between Apple and PayPal, considering Apple's usual attempts to avoid collaborating with competitors.

Although the option to pay via PayPal has been present for all iTunes purchases since 2004, the ability to pay for iOS App Store purchases via PayPal has only been released today. Users can now set PayPal as their default payment method for the iOS App Store from the Account Settings page in the App.

There are currently no details on how revenue generated via PayPal will be split between the two companies.


(article originally written 17/07/17, last updated 18/07/17)

Last modified on Tuesday, 18 July 2017
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