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(Update) With the success of the iPad Pro release earlier in the year, the iPad Pro 2 could be making its way to the market as soon as March 2017.

(Update 19/04/2017): It looks as though the iPad Pro 2 will be delayed for quite some time as the expected date slips to May. This comes after delayed shipments on the iPad Pro 12.9" model push expected dates back 3 to 4 weeks across the globe.

(Update 10/03/2017): We may be seeing the iPad Pro 2 launch with 6GB of RAM and a Touch Bar, similar to that featured on the Apple new MacBook Pro. If the rumours are true, we may see these two additions being featured on the largest screen variant of the iPad Pro 2, which would give the device sufficient power and a unique selling point. It is also looking likely that the rumoured A11 chipset may instead be an Apple A10X chipset.

(Update 27/02/2017): Due to the feedback from last year about the sizing of the iPad Pro models, there could be a new "sweet-spot" achieved by the upcoming iPad Pro 2. The 10.5" screen may be the new standard for the upcoming iPad releases, with reviewers claiming that both popular models of the iPad Pro were either too small or too large. There are also reports that we could see between a 10% and 15% price cut for the lower screen size model to keep it as a more "budget-orientated" iPad Pro model.

(Update 23/01/17) There is a very good chance of us seeing the iPad Pro 2 comes with support for a mouse and keyboard through physical external connectors or wireless connections. This makes sense as, given the size of the largest model, the iPad Pro 2 could potentially be larger than some laptops.

(Update 10/01/17) We could be seeing the iPad 2 Pro release with a unique bezel-less screen with an embedded home button in the display. However, it is almost confirmed that the new iPad will have three variations, in the form of a 9.7", 10.9" and 12.9" screen, all running on 3GB RAM and Apple's A11 chipset, instead of the earlier presumed A10X.

An overhaul of the iPad Pro, in the form of the iPad Pro 2, could be seeing the market between Q1 and Q2 of this year, similar to the release time of the iPad Pro earlier last year. Little is known on what the iPad Pro 2 has in store for its users, but a few hardware upgrades and additional features have been rumoured for its release.

In terms of hardware, the new A10X chip might be seeing its first implementation upon the iPad Pro 2's release, allowing for faster response times and more potential for running powerful applications in future. A RAM increase might also be considered to accompany the new chip, with a possibility of an increase from 2GB to 3GB, or even 4GB if need be to help future-proof the device. Other than that, a similar style would mean we would be unlikely to see any changes to the screen or camera, as the current display and camera will no doubt live up to the job. Three versions of the iPad Pro 2 may be released, with 7.9", 9.7" and 12.9" screen size variations.

Any additional features might not be too different to the current iPad Pro, with the only two major changes being the inclusion of waterproofing and removal of the headphone jack. Until more emerges, the iPad Pro 2 is set to be fairly similar to its predecessor, with the minor change here and there.

Last modified on Friday, 21 April 2017
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