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Fujitsu have revealed a unique new Windows tablet.

Fujitsu have revealed a new tablet which uses an odd biometric authentication feature. Named 'Slide Passport', the unique sensor has the ability to recognise pattern of people's veins. All the user has to do is slide their hand across the screen. The company notes that this is the "world's first tablet to incorporate Fujitsu's slide-style palm vein authentication functionality."

Fujitsu have opted to give the tablet a rather complicated name to remember, calling it the ARROWS Tab Q507/P-SP. The 10.1-inch device will be running Windows 10 and Fujitsu have also disclosed that it will be resistant to both water and dust.

The tablet could be one to remember, more likely for its features rather than its name. We'll just have to wait and see, as it's still a long way away from its expected release in August. When it arrives, the tablet will cost 85,300 JPY (equivalent to £610/$780/€730).

Along with the tablet, Fujitsu have also announced a series of desktop machines and laptops, all of which can be read about here.

Last modified on Thursday, 20 April 2017
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