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Joining the "Android Wear 2.0" club could be Huawei's new wearable offering.

(Update 05/05/2017):  The Huawei Watch 2 is now available in the UK, with both the Sport and Classic models on offer. The Sport version is priced at £329 (£369 with 4G) and the Classic is priced at £409, putting it on par with some of offerings from other manufacturers.

(Update 19/04/2017): Huawei's Watch 2 has made its way to the market and has been released in the US market today. Two versions of the watch have been released, the original costing $299 (£235 or €280) and the "Classic" edition costing $369 (£310 or €345). The focus of the watch is fitness and the watch supports Android Pay through NFC, though the LTE version of the watch is yet to be released.

(Update 27/02/2017): The Huawei Watch 2 has been announced at MWC 2017, showing off some new and unexpected features for the device. To begin with, the watch will now feature a 4G compatible Nano-SIM card slot, allowing full independence from a mobile device for making calls. This is accompanied by GPS and an integrated antenna, meaning full support for the use of maps or anything similar. As expected, the device brings fitness monitoring capabilities, such as a heart rate sensor, real-time workout guidance and live GPS mapping. It also comes equipped with Google Assistant and Android Pay, making for a fairly all-purpose wrist-wear device. Additional to all this, storage for music is set to be sufficient enough for offline music to be kept on the device. In terms of style, the device is available in two models, the normal model and classic model, both featuring two right side buttons and a 1.4" glass display, but with the classic model lacking 4G support. Finally, the device is confirmed to be 12mm thick and charge using pin charging.

Release Date

There is a strong possibility that the first glimpse of the Watch 2 will be at Huawei's press conference on February 26th. However, a spokesperson for the company has said that there may be changes to this date dependent on the production and development of the watch. What's for sure is that Hauwei or aiming for no later than a Q2 release for their new device.

Operating System

Very little has been given about specifications of the upcoming watch, but we can only assume it would run on the latest version of the Android Wear OS, whatever that may be at the time of release.


The originally Huawei Watch had a lovely design, very much like that of an actual analog watch, so we can guess that they'd stick to this styling for the second generation. As it was a massive selling point when the original Watch was released, it's safe to say Huawei won't alter it too drastically, probably just refining and optimising the design they currently have in place. As with the last generation, sapphire crystal glass may also be expected and perhaps a similar thickness of around 11mm.


Screen and Cameras

As it is a watch, no camera will be included. However, the screen on the device should live up to standards. A 400 x 400 pixel resolution with an AMOLED display was the choice for the previous generation, which gave crystal clear text and beautiful contrast. Huawei will definitely not step down from this standard and much the same can be almost guaranteed for the new device.

Specification and Features

As mentioned above, there has been little to no mention of the hardware inside the device or any specific features that will make it stand out. Based off last year's release, some form of Quad-Core Snapdragon processor should feature as the power of the device, with a likely 512MB-1GB of RAM as a maximum. 4GB of storage can also be expected for the watch and an Adreno graphics chips too. As for battery, not much will change, a similar 300mAh battery is likely to make a reappearance and the same IP67 water and dust proofing is guaranteed. We are currently unaware as to whether the new Huawei Watch 2 will allow for Android Pay, but it seems more likely than ever given the way things are looking with the Android Wear 2.0 lineup. One thing we can be sure about is that the Watch 2 will support calls and texts via pairing through a smartphone, so this should be a convenient improvement over last year's model.


Again, basing the pricing from the original Watch's release, we can say that the Watch 2 will sell for no less than £289 (€335 or $360) and could have versions that vary all the way up to the £600 (€700 or $750) mark. As more is revealed, we will see exactly what price is intended for the Watch 2.

Last modified on Friday, 05 May 2017
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