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Swatch are joining Google, Apple and Samsung in the smartwatch competition and have begun development on their own OS.

For the last few years, the rivalry between Google and Apple for smart wearables has been getting better and better, and with Samsung's Gear line-up looking even more promising, the market has got a lot more competitive. However, this is all about to change with the introduction of a fourth party who intend to interrupt the market by developing their own smartwatch OS.

Swatch, the Swiss watchmaker, has announced its intentions to release a line-up of new smartwatches later next year that would run on an entirely new OS, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The operating system would supposedly allow the manufacturer to "fine-tune" their watches, providing better battery life, performance and data protection. Initial rumours suggest the first device to run the OS will be released under the name "Tissot Smart Touch".

Already, there's plenty to talk about with the Tissot Smart Touch. Interesting and new features, such as solar-power charging, key location and local weather information, all seem to make the new project from Swatch seem all the more exciting, and in a market predominantly ruled by three main companies, the project may make all the difference when it comes to 2018.

The success of Swatch' idea will no doubt depend on how well the wearable market goes throughout the remainder of 2017, but if released during 2018, we could possibly see an increase in wearable users and maybe even a fourth OS to cater for on the wearable market.

Last modified on Friday, 24 March 2017
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