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After this year's releases, Huawei are on track to becoming the world's second largest phone manufacturer.

What used to be a growing manufacturer in a rather saturated market is now set to become one of the largest in the world, with estimations predicting Huawei to take the second spot within the coming years. At current, Samsung lead the manufacturer board by a long way with a total of 79 million shipment units per year, with Apple second at around 41 million. Though Huawei have made significant gains on Apple's second spot and are now only 3 million units away from surpassing the tech giants to take the second spot behind Samsung and with both manufacturers just a few months away from releasing new flagship, it really does become an interesting battle.

Whilst it may not seem like a huge deal at the moment, the rapid rise of Huawei products just goes to show how much the company has expanded and how widely adopted the Huawei EMUI is becoming among Android devices. This is definitely something to look out for in the future as we may be seeing further advancements from Huawei, perhaps similar to those of Samsung with their Samsung Pay system and Samsung Wear devices.

Also on the radar for rapid growing companies is Oppo and Xiaomi whose sudden rise in popularity have put them in a good position to compete with Apple and Huawei for the top spots among global manufacturers. As for now though, Apple still remain the second largest manufacturer with the release of its 2018 iPhone yet to add to the total sales count with Huawei in a similar position with the release of its Mate 10 yet to add to sales too.

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