Malware targeted at macOS users and aims to steal credentials and financial information.

OSX/Dok malware, which was discovered back in May of 2017, has seen a rise in infections in the recent weeks. The malware aims to fake banking websites for the purpose of stealing credentials.

The malware manages to escape anti-virus programs and macOS' built-in security by re-routing update servers back to the local machine in order to prevent it from being detected. The malware then establishes a connection via Onion routing so that the attacker can pinpoint the infected machine's location and customise the faked banking websites.

The main method by which the malware spreads up to this point is phishing, which requires users to physically download and open an executable file from an email, so everyday web browsing on macOS should see no cause for concern at this point in time.

QTF Recommends: Pay special attention to the "From:" field in any emails in your inbox that require you to download any files on your mac. Only download and open files which you are fully certain are from trusted contacts. Do not install applications or open executable files from unverified sources.

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