He estimates 27,000 issues.

Security researcher, Andrey Karpov, believes that there are approximately 27,000 issues in the code of Tizen, Samsung's internet-of-things operating system. This is not the first time that flaws have been pointed out in Tizen. Back in April, another researcher said "It may be the worst code [he's] ever seen" after finding forty zero day vulnerabilities. .

Karpov analysed 2.4 million lines of Tizen code (not including comments) and found 900 "real errors". However, that equates to only 3.3% of the total amount of code. With over 70 million more lines to analyse, Karpov estimates that Tizen will have around 27,000 problems. All of the issues he found, along with explanations, can be found in his blog post.

He contacted Samsung and offered to help; however, the company refused, saying "We currently have our own static analysis tool and run it regularly for Tizen. However, we don't agree with that Tizen has 27,000 defects that should be fixed." .

Samsung is yet to make an official statement about Karpov's claims.

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