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(Update) Chrome 59 is now in an official stable build

(Update 07/06/2017): Chrome 59 is now an official build for Chrome. Prior to being pushed to a stable channel, Google fixed 5 high severity vulnerabilities out of a total 30 in the version. The update also addresses a unicode-based phishing attack which was recently spread via email. A lower severity bug, related to rendering, addresses a Blink issue related to exposing POST requests. Google is also working on addressing the recently discovered .SCF file issue, and will likely release an update shortly. 

The Android version of this build also comes with some nice surprises, particularly in webpage loading speed which is now up to 20% faster thanks to an updated JavaScript engine.

Users can check if they are running the latest version of chrome by visiting chrome://help from the omnibar

Google Chrome 59 has been released for developer use on the Google Play Store. The latest Chrome Dev application contains the current developer build of Chrome 59, which brings a new "New Tab" page and a few small improvements to download and bookmark integration. As of yet, we don't know exactly what Chrome 59 is shaping up to be on Linux, PC, Mac and iOS, but for Android there seems to be some interesting new design changes and implementation updates. One of these is a new "Tab" feature is set to be updated on the mobile version of Chrome. The "Tab Casting" feature is to be improved, resulting in a significant speed increase and reduced power consumption.

Chrome 59 should be expected to roll out in May/June this year.

QTF Recommendation: It would be advisable to download the Chrome Dev application for Android as soon as possible, but for now focus should remain on the more important Chrome 58 and compatibility for its launch next month.

Last modified on Thursday, 20 July 2017
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