(Update) Chrome 59 is now in beta testing.

(Update 04/05/2017): Chrome 59 has now been pushed to the beta stage on both desktop devices and Android.

(Update 26/04/2017): Another "Tab" feature is set to be updated on the mobile version of Chrome. The "Tab Casting" feature is to be improved, resulting in a significant speed increase and reduced power consumption.

Google Chrome 59 has been released for developer use on the Google Play Store. The latest Chrome Dev application contains the current developer build of Chrome 59, which brings a new "New Tab" page and a few small improvements to download and bookmark integration. As of yet, we don't know exactly what Chrome 59 is shaping up to be on Linux, PC, Mac and iOS, but for Android there seems to be some interesting new design changes and implementation updates.

Chrome 59 should be expected to roll out in May/June this year.

Recommendation: Developers and testers should get their hands on the early dev version of Chrome 59 in order to maintain compatibility with services, ahead of its release to the stable channel.

Also...test out Chrome 58 on the beta channel before it is released in the coming weeks.

Last modified on Thursday, 04 May 2017
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