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(Update) Vivaldi 1.9 has been released.

(Update 27/04/2017): Vivaldi 1.9 has now hit the stable channel – earlier than expected. The final update introduces a new default search engine – Ecosia. Ecosia is focused on preserving the environment and donates at least 80% of its profits to planting trees.

The full changelog and download links are available here.

After the release of version 1.8, the Vivaldi team are developing Vivaldi 1.9. The first snapshot introduces the ability to re-order extensions to suit the user's liking. Another minor change that has been introduced is the ability to change the directory in which screenshots are stored. Vivaldi QA tester Ruari Odegaard stated that users need to type in the exact patch at the moment; however, he said that "we will see if we can make that nicer for you in the future." The first v1.9 snapshot features more than forty other changes, most of which are minor bug fixes.

The second snapshot doesn't offer as much. Firstly, and most importantly, the browser has been upgraded to Chromium 58. Apart from the regular bug fixes, Ruari Odegaard also noted that there are "plans to make it easier to fine tune your screen captures", but this is currently "work in progress, and so far we have only added the first step towards that."

A new snapshot (1.9.818.3) has been revealed. It's a very small update that only features three small changes. Firstly, it fixes a problem where some HTTP sites are wrongly shown as broken HTTPS links. Incorrect panel colours for certain themes have also been changed, as well as several translation updates.

A new snapshot has been released. The main improvement is a new feature that allows users to sort their notes. A bug which caused Vivaldi to crash after closing tabs on macOS has been fixed, as well as three other regressions.

The stable version of Vivaldi 1.9 will be released in mid-May at the earliest and no later than the end of June.

The latest stable version (1.8) can be downloaded here, while the snapshots can be downloaded using the links above.


(article originally written 17/04/2017, last updated 27/04/2017)

Last modified on Thursday, 27 April 2017
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