(Update) A new snapshot has been released.

Vivaldi 1.10 is already being developed, after the recent release of v1.9, and several improvements have been revealed in the first snapshot. The biggest change, as of May 4th, is the ability to dock the developer tools. "We have had a long standing request for the ability to dock Developer Tools," said Ruari Odegaard, a Vivaldi QA tester. "Of course, if you prefer them undocked, that still works too," he continued.

The second improvement in the appearance of Speed Dial folder thumbnails. Instead of displaying the same icon, the folders will now give users a preview of what's inside.

A second snapshot (1.10.834.9) has now been released. In this update, users can now sort their downloads by a range of options like the name, the size of the file, or the date that the download commenced. Alternatively, users can also manually re-arrange their order. A second improvement now allows users on Windows (Windows 8 or newer) to automatically set their desktop wallpaper as the Vivaldi start page background. This feature will be available for macOS users later on.

A new snapshot (1.10.838.7) introduces the ability for users to modify the new tab page using extensions. "With this feature, you can put that new tab real estate to use in any way you like. We know a lot of you love using Start Page / Speed Dials as default here, but we’ve also heard from many users that they miss being able to install third party extensions to customise this space," said Vivaldi QA engineer, Maria Popova.

Snapshot 1.10.845.3 has been released. This update gives users more freedom regarding images on a webpage. It gives users the option to choose whether they would like to always load images, never load them, or only load from the cache. This feature was previously available in the Status Bar; however, it has been added in the View menu to improve accessibility. Finally, this snapshot also updates the browser to Chromium 58.0.3029.114.

A major update to Vivaldi is released approximately every six to eight weeks, therefore the stable v1.10 should drop in the second half of June. However, it should be noted that the Vivaldi team were particularly fast releasing v1.9, with just 20 days between the first snapshot and the stable release.


(article originally written 04/05/2017, last updated 18/05/2017)

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