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(Updated) Chrome 60 is now available on both desktop and mobile.

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Chrome version 60 has been pushed to the developer channel. One of the features that is returning is the ability to quick check the certificate of a website you are visiting. Google have moved this feature to the 'developer tools' section a few months ago; however, that decision proved to be unpopular and now it is set to re-appear in the page information dropdown.

For Android mobiles, a new 'copyless pasting' feature will be available. The new function will work with the Google Assistant. It will be able to recognise context and suggest better pasting options, without the need to copy anything. For example, if a user visits the website of a shopping centre and then opens the Maps application, the new feature will suggest to paste the name of the shopping centre into the search bar. It has been reported that 'copyless pasting' will not work in incognito mode.

Google is also allegedly planning to introduce an ad-blocker into the Chrome browser. While there is no word when this feature will become available, it may arrive when a stable version of Chrome 60 is released.

Chrome 60 will be released in mid-June at the earliest and should arrive no later than the end of July.

Recommendation: Developers and online service providers should look to start testing their products while version 60 is still in it's early stages to allow ample time for finding and rectifying any issues.


(article originally written 04/05/2017, last updated 03/08/2017).

Last modified on Wednesday, 16 August 2017
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