(Updated) A new snapshot is available.

(Update 17/07/2017): Yet another snapshot (1.11.904.3) is released by Vivaldi. This update focuses on minor changes and fixing regressions as the stable release moves closer.

(Update 12/07/2017): The latest 1.11.901.3 snapshot of Vivaldi sees the browser receive a redesigned logo and icon. The rebrand consists of a rounded square within which the Vivaldi logo is placed inside a circle. The team at Vivaldi is also working hard on fixing bugs regarding playback issues on Windows 7. 

A very small update (1.11.894.3) has been released. It features just seven minor bug fixes and a security patch for HSTS pinning.

A new snapshot (1.11.890.4) has been released. Now users have the ability to remove Speed Dial delete and thumbnail customisation buttons in the Settings after the Vivaldi team realised a lot of people accidentally clicked on them. Furthermore, 32-bit builds for Linux have made a return.

Coming just two days after the original 1.11 snapshot, version 1.11.882.4 makes just four minor bug changes, one of which is a regression from the previous release.

Less than a week after the stable release of Vivaldi 1.10, version 1.11 is already in development. The first snapshot (1.11.880.3) introduces more options for Reader Mode. A new settings panel will allow users to alter "things like font type and size, line height and switching from light/dark themes while using Reader Mode." Apart from that, this update focuses on fixing bugs with version 1.10 as well as some minor changes like updating translations.

Vivaldi has made an official statement regarding its much anticipated feature Vivaldi Sync. The company will stream a 5-hour live coding session as the feature is being developed on July 5th as a sneak peak into what it will be capable of, as well as offering full transparency into how the company goes about handling user data. There is currently no information on whether Vivaldi Sync will offer any new features to the market, but like most other mainstream browsers it will likely feature bookmark, history, add-on and tab synchronisation

On average, Vivaldi release a new stable version every six to eight weeks, therefore we can expect a stable version 1.11 to land in the first half of August.


(article originally written 20/06/2017, last updated 17/07/2017)

Last modified on Monday, 17 July 2017
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