The upcoming beta release for Firefox 56 is around the corner, and brings plenty of improvements and features.

Firefox 56 beta is around the corner and will bring plenty of features and improvements to end users. This beta will be the first in which Firefox will continue in the footsteps of other modern browsers and separate processes for different browsers tasks. The browser will be able to run Add-Ons in a separate process, reducing the probability of a full browser crash in the event of a page or extension freezing.

Firefox will also be pushing developers to more actively migrate towards the new WebExtensions add-on standard during the beta period of 56, since Firefox 57 is expected to not support legacy extension formats.

Firefox 56 will be released on the 08th August 2017.

TestImpulse Recommendation: If your organisation relies on any Firefox Extensions as a critical part of any given workflow, do check that these extensions have been (or will be) upgraded to the WebExtensions standard, or any other standard with ensured compatibility for Firefox 57. Alternatively, you can also replace any legacy extensions with different add-ons.

Last modified on Monday, 17 July 2017
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