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In a strange turn of events, it looks as though Google's Assistant may launch on iOS and GE products.

Not long after Google announced full Android 6.x and 7.x support for the new Google Assistant, it looks as though iPhone users may be getting a similar treat. Reports have it that the new assistant could be making its way to the Apple App Store, but more importantly, it could be making its way there by the end of this week.

Unfortunately, as expected, the Google Assistant can't perform to its optimum on the iPhone due to Apple security regulations which obviously won't be lifted for their competitor's app, thought it does still keep the core of the assistant true to its Android counterpart. Although the app can't be launched from the home button like Siri can, it still provides all the functionality you get on its Android brother and handles basic tasks that you'd expect an assistant to help with.

Additional to this, we could also be seeing General Electric home appliances run from the Google Assistant with a large rumour suggesting the two companies could be working together to build a better selection of smart home appliances.

Perhaps then, this marks the beginning of the mass virtual assistant era, with Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung all spreading their own offerings across the market as quickly as possible.

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Last modified on Friday, 19 May 2017
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